Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Last Hurrah

After angsting so much in June, I embraced my time off in July, only to dread going back this week. Nooooo! If only summer could last forever. If only I could get paid to do nothing but enjoy doing nothing.

As one last hurrah before the start of school (and to simultaneously mourn and celebrate the end of my furlough), we took a trip to a cabin up in the mountains with some friends and their little one, and it was fantastic.

It hailed as soon as we got there, but the cabin had a wood burning stove, so we stayed warm and cozy.

Later, it was nice enough to go on a hike, with babies in tow.

Our baby backpack is amazingly comfortable. We can easily adjust it to fit me or Britt, and Penny likes being up high so she can survey her domain. She patted me on the shoulder a lot, in between her inspired chants of "Da-DA! Da-DA!"

We tempted bears with the smell of our delicious food, but didn't spy much in the way of wild creatures, except for a few hummingbirds.

It was beautiful in the mountains. It was nice to escape the 98-100 degree weather we'd been having in the valley and get into the brisk, clear air. You know that smell of trees? Mmm. It was hard to leave. We owe our friends a hearty thanks for a nice weekend getaway.

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