Monday, August 31, 2009

P is for Penny

P is for Penny, and Peter.

This will be a brief post, since I have to work in the morning...LOUD SIGH. August ends with Penny trying to talk more, with some words sounding like honest-to-god words, like "awk" for "walk," and some that sound like she's speaking Klingon, such as "kkch-kcch" for "milk."

Her favorite activity is to spread a blanket on the floor, and play ring-a-round-the-rosy on it. I'm not sure why the blanket needs to be down, unless she is trying to tell me I should vacuum, which is true. She doesn't always wait for "we all fall down" either, she hits the deck and laughs maniacally as soon as we start singing. At what point do I tell her that rhyme is really about the plague? Later, I guess.

Another thing she enjoys is putting her toys to "sleep," by covering them up with a blankie (or a wipe, or a napkin), and then flinging off the blankie and yelling, to wake them up. She has also taken to drumming (thanks to Britt) on her stackable boxes, and I have to say, the kid has pretty good rhythm!

Penny got a surprise present from my extended family this month: A homemade blanket and framed Beatrix Potter needlepoint letters, one for each of Penny's initials. *sniffle* They are lovely. I can't wait to put them up in her room.

We immediately played ring-a-round-the-rosy on it.

September begins tomorrow; we have trips to Lagoon and Wyoming to look forward to, and hopefully another camping excursion before it gets too cold. Fall, here we come.

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TheSmash said...

These pictures are so precious! I'm glad she likes her new blankie. :)