Saturday, August 22, 2009

August Check-Up

Penny's 15 month appointment was last week, and for the first time, I felt confident about it. That probably sounds odd. But there is a dynamic at the doctor's office that makes me insecure, aside from the clinical environment. I really like my doctor, but I seek her approval in every way. I want to be her friend. I want her to like me. And really, it's her own fault, for being so damned cool. She doesn't seem that much older than I. We talk about what we're reading in our respective book clubs, complain about pumping, and laugh about the silly things our kids do. I think I have a small crush on her, and I don't want to let her down.

Hmm, that was a revelation. Let me ponder my feelings and elucidate. When I think about my doctor, who was my doctor for years before she became Penny's doctor, I remember how she coached me through my last 30 minutes of labor, how swiftly she placed Penny on my chest and suctioned the goo off her face, and how deftly she stitched me up. In short, she's my hero. She took the time later to check on me a couple of times before we went home, and her clinic is not even close to the hospital where I delivered. So, I guess I love her, in the same way I love Amelia Earhart and Hugh Jackman.

But this visit was uneventful, because everything is going well. I came to the appointment feeling pragmatic instead of insecure. She asked me if I had any concerns, and I didn't really. The only thing I was wondering about was Penny's dairy intolerance. I explained that I'd tried Lactose-free milk and Goat's milk, and that Penny still reacted to both. So our doctor thinks it's the milk proteins and not the lactose that is causing the reaction. She still thinks Penny will eventually outgrow it, and doesn't think it warrants a trip to a specialist.

Then I came clean and confessed I hadn't taken Penny in for lead testing, which she had recommended at the 12 month appointment. I still plan to, but I haven't done it due to the financial constraints related to my state-mandated furlough this summer. Also, we still owed the clinic for the vaccinations from Penny's last visit.

If I may be allowed a small rant about insurance and the state of health care in this country...when I was working full-time, Britt and I had double insurance coverage. We never had to pay for anything, including Penny's delivery and my hospital stay. Then I went down to part-time, lost my benefits, and our vaccinations for Penny are not covered by Britt's insurance. It's outrageous! Of all of the precautionary measures! It simply doesn't make sense that preventive care isn't covered. But hey! At least I have some insurance coverage. I could be one of the 40+million Americans without anything at all. Dear Congress, please reform our health care system, NOW. Sincerely, Me. Ok, shutting up now.

Anyway, somehow I doubt the lead testing is covered by our insurance either, which is why it simply hasn't been a priority. I paid for the last shots, so we could get the current ones. I could have felt ashamed for not doing my homework, like my beloved doctor had instructed, but I felt completely justified. She was cool about it too. Our next appointment won't be until November.

In other news, something is seriously wrong with my camera. It doesn't focus! Ack! For the time being, I will have to document Penny's life using the camera on my phone, so please bear with me.

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Momcat said...

Pb poisoning and Penny takes a way way way back seat to other considerations, like her immunizations. Yes, you live in an older house, but it has been repainted, which should fix up the Pb worries. That takes care of the biggest source. There are others, of course, but take care of the immunizations first. That's the official curmudgeon opinion of the week.