Monday, February 1, 2010

Salad Days

February begins with me trying to decide how big the binky issue really is, since I seem to be the one who is bugged by it. Is it really that terrible? Not in the grand scheme of things. Show me a child who doesn't have an overbite. Am I naive to think that Penny will one day decide that the binky is not satisfying and be done with it forever? Probably. Should I be so uptight about something that brings her comfort? I have no idea.

Sometimes I fear it WILL be a big issue if I don't do something about it now. But I am all talk and no action, in case that wasn't already painfully clear. Something will have to happen to make me say, "That's it, no more binky," and that hasn't happened yet. My doctor gave me a deadline of age 2 to get rid of it, and I am the ultimate procrastinator.

Meanwhile, Penny's had yellow goo coming out of her nose for a week and I'm wondering about a possible sinus infection. The humidifier is in full swing, but a call to the doctor may be in order. The lovely doctor I don't want to disappoint in May when we go for Penny's 2 year check-up, after we've killed and buried Binky.

Here's a parenting news flash: I've discovered if Penny gets a snack before her nap, she sleeps longer and isn't famished when she wakes up. Eureka! Duh! Our "routine" seems to constantly evolve, depending on what time Penny wakes up (which is anywhere between 7-9 a.m., depending on the day). Oh, those 9:00 mornings are heavenly, but so rare. Usually the culprit on the early mornings is Britt, who has to get ready for work, and who can't help thundering around the house a bit in the process. He wears work boots and we have squeaky floors.

Penny did this, and then tried to feed them milk from her cup.

Still, I look at Penny and marvel at what she understands, and what she can do. I think back to where we were a year ago, and I remember teething, sleep training, separation anxiety, and my own anxiety, as a result of all of those things. These truly are salad days in comparison. And I've been a parent long enough now to know that the binky issue will be resolved at some point, because that's just how things work.


April said...

So funny you mention the binky battle. I was at the MD yesterday and asked "how worried" I should be about the thumb sucking. After giving me about five minutes worth of ways I could tell Gray that big boys don't suck their thumbs I asked again: how hard should I try to stop this? His answer? "Meh."

I'm not fighting that battle yet, I decided! At least you can take a binky away, I can't chop his finger off!

Ironic collector said...

Mmmmmm....salad. It's amazing how Penny is turning into a little person, and not just a baby anymore. Not that I have any parenting insight, but going to preschool may cure her of the binky issue. There's nothing like peer pressure to change behavior...