Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Confessions of a Binkyholic

This binky thing is getting out of hand. We had rules for it, but they have been bent so far I'm not sure they should even exist. Penny mournfully requests her "Dinky" anytime she is bored, frustrated, or insulted. If she trips and falls, she says, sadly, "Dinky?" And I say, "No, you don't need it right now," and then I do a tap dance to distract her. Ta-Da! Sometimes it actually works! And sometimes it FAILS. Sometimes she walks right over to the diaper bag and starts rummaging for it. Other times I honestly don't have it on me and she has to tough it out. If we are in the car, for example, I might have to sing "Row Your Boat" 100 times to keep her mind off of Dinky.

I know it is time to part ways with Dinky, but the thought of sleep training (again) exhausts me. I keep giving myself little deadlines. At 18 months, we'll sleep train without the binky. After Christmas, we'll lose the binky for good, etc. We have been so spoiled by a baby who falls asleep happily and quickly with her binky. I have thought about cutting the end off of it, but I'm afraid to see Penny's reaction. Will she feel utterly betrayed? Will I be the meanest mommy who ever lived? She will know it was I who mutilated Dinky. Maybe the Dinky will just have an unfortunate accident and disappear. :(

In the meantime, I have been trying to reestablish the rules, by which I mean RULE, because there is only one. Dinky only gets used for sleeping. If Penny is insistent, I sing her favorite songs or change the subject.

We had a stand off the other day. She wanted a piece of bread, but had her binky in her mouth (Note: she wasn't sleeping). I told her she could have it if she gave me the binky. She stood there with the binky in one hand (held away from me) and her other hand outstretched for the bread. We literally stared and shook our heads at each other for 5 minutes. Finally, she relented and I put Dinky away.

To complicate matters, she gets a binky at Grandma and Grandpa's, who feel it is ok for her to be attached to it and don't feel like fighting her. They really think it is a phase, and I agree. But, it is only going to get harder from here. The other day I saw a child at the store who looked to be at least 4 and SHE HAD A BINKY. I thought, "That could be Penny, it really could."

Today wasn't so bad. She didn't ask for it very much, and when she did, she said, "Dinky? Nap?" So I put her down for a nap and she was happy. But the day is coming, I know it is, and it will be hard for all of us.

On a cuter note, Penny plays a game we call "Penny's Discotech." She pushes the button on her musical stacking toy, picks up a dolly, and dances to the music.

Must. Videotape.


sharnee said...

Oh in the middle of the night when babies won't sleep I am kind of jealous of this binky love because I would do anything for them to just take one and settle down and sleep (they think it's a toy, take it out of their mouths and play with it, soooo frustrating!)! But I get what you're saying here and too much binky love is a problem too I guess.
I hope the transition is smooth and easily done.

TheSmash said...

Great post, Katie. I can picture these little standoffs so clearly. :)

I have a binky. It's called a night guard. It allows me to sleep at night without grinding my teeth to little nubs. Oh yeah, and then there's the blanket.