Tuesday, July 7, 2009

These are the days.

Penny's Grandma and Grandpa M are back from Iceland, and they came bearing gifts for their grandchildren. Apparently, kids in Iceland are really into wearing Buffs in various ways on their head, so Penny has her very own Buff, a cute Icelandic Dolly, a Christmas ornament, and her own little toy Puffin. I told them how much I missed them and the staggering realization I had while they were gone, which is to say I never knew how much I needed them until I was trapped in the house with an opinionated, mobile toddler for three weeks.

Angry Buff...

Happy Buff!

Meanwhile, my days on furlough so far have consisted of walking in the morning with Penny, napping with Penny, playing with Penny, getting coffee with friends with Penny, and I can truly say I am loving it. Grandma M has made herself available to me whenever I need her, which is very nice, and I don't intend to abuse that availability.

Playing in the yard with Daddy.

Penny is really picking up the baby signs, and although she jabbers all the time, her signing vocabulary has surpassed her spoken one. This week, she picked up the signs for "hat," "eat," and "sleep." Also, we've been twirling:


sharnee said...

Oh how cute is she?!?!?! I get kind of emotional (I'm soft, I know) to think that my little men are going to be that age someday soon! And I must admit I've never heard of buffs before. Very cute!

Amber/Dia said...

I hadn't heard of buffs either. So cute.