Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Library and Our 14 Month Old

I'm not sure why I waited so long to take Penny to the library. I guess I figured she was too little, or that she might try to eat the books. We've gone twice already this month, and I'm thinking about making weekly trips there. Our City Library really is amazing. I feel sorry for the Shelvers in the kids section, though. I can't imagine how many times a day someone has to sort through all of the books babies like mine pull off the shelves.

Penny entertains herself by taking things off of things, taking things out of things, and moving things from one location to another. She's like a little porter, except instead of luggage or expedition equipment, she carries magazines, books, clothes, and dollies around. She creates little messes everywhere she goes and never puts anything back. She was in baby heaven at the library, pulling all of the board books off the shelves, leaving piles of books in her wake.

She also likes to be picked up, and then once in my arms, decides she would prefer to be back down on the ground, but hmm, I think I liked it better up there with, never mind, I would like to be put down after all. LOUD SIGH. But my heart melts each time she reaches her arms up toward me. I can't resist picking her up, because I can usually sneak in a hug before putting her back down.

Her little attitude is starting to appear, and I am chagrined to report that we had our first full-blown tantrum last week. Penny was pushing her little walker/car thingy down the sidewalk, and was getting farther and farther away from our house. I told her it was time to turn around, and when she didn't want to, I tried to turn the walker around. She shook her head and arms angrily, and pressed on. When I told her "No," she stopped and threw a gigantic fit, tears and everything. We actually laughed at first, because our first reaction was "Seriously?"

Oh, but she was quite serious. Britt picked her up, I picked up her walker/car thingy, and we carried her back to the house, as she screamed her way down the street. I have the fee
ling this is just the beginning of what will be many power struggles. I'm worried about my ability to be consistent with following through, which I hear is crucial...

She's horrible at sharing, and if another child has something she wants, she will take it. She's also been on the receiving end of this, and when someone takes something from her, she acts as if she's had a limb removed. Needless to say, we're emphasizing the words and signs for: No, Yes, Good job, Share, Your turn, and My turn.

Ugh, and she BIT me the other day! I don't think she meant anything by it, in fact, I think she was bored. I was holding her and she just sank her teeth into my shoulder. I said "No." And signed "No" very seriously. She returned my very serious look, and didn't get offended, like she usually does when I tell her no. I think she's experimenting with her mouth and trying out her new teeth, while testing her limits. Stinker!

On a cuter note, Penny has learned some body parts - her favorites are "nose," and "bellybutton," and she can also point to her eyes, ears, and hair. She likes to laugh if we are laughing at something, even if she doesn't understand what we're discussing. Tonight she even doubled over trying to produce a convincing laugh. Her genuine laughs are much better, but I think it's amusing to watch her navigate our "grown up" conversations. Let's hope the laughter outweighs the tantrums in the coming months.

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Did you guys go in that awesome ice cave? Or "Grandma's Attic?" LOL