Friday, February 27, 2009

Snow Monkeys

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Lava Hot Springs with Britt's family. This has been a tradition for a few years now, and we weren't going to stop going just because we have a BABY. In fact, it didn't stop us last year, while I was pregnant with said baby. We like going this time of year because the weather is cold but the pools are warm. Sometimes it snows while we're there, and when the snowflakes melt on my head while I'm soaking in the pools I feel like one of those snow monkeys.

Bringing Penny with us did make packing a little more complicated. There was a point where I was so focused on making sure I was bringing enough clothes and food for her, I almost forgot to pack for myself. "Oh yeah, I should probably bring my toothbrush! And a swimsuit!"

And while I didn't exactly have the freedom I'm used to, such as hitting the pools whenever I wanted in the wee hours of the evening, we still had a blast. We made sure to take Penny to one of the tepid pools (not one of the "baby cookers"), which was about the temperature of a warm bath. She had never been in a body of water larger than the bathtub, so I wasn't sure what she was going to think about swimming in the big pool. At first she held on very tightly, but as she became more comfortable, she splashed and kicked and discovered she could move her body in new ways in the water.

Penny: Do NOT let go of me.

One weird thing that happened while we were there, was an increase in Penny's allergic reactions to food. Back in January, we were noticing the occasional reaction to things involving dairy, like a piece of string cheese and a taste of Britt's chocolate milkshake (don't ask). When she has a reaction, it comes on very quickly - she breaks out in a rash around her mouth and becomes upset, probably because her mouth itches. Then it goes away, almost as quickly. Ok, no dairy, check.

But while we were in Idaho, she broke out with every meal, even after eating foods she could eat before, like Cheerios and bananas. Since we've been home, it hasn't been an issue, so I'm not sure what was going on. Maybe some things were cross contaminated, maybe it was the stress of travel, maybe it was the detergent I used to clean her cups and bowls? Maybe it was the water.

Dad checks his baby cockatoo for signs of allergic reaction.

The potential dairy allergy is something I mentioned to Penny's doctor at her last appointment, and she's thinking it's an intolerance she will probably outgrow. I hope so. I love milk and cheese and yogurt and ice cream and I want Penny to be able to enjoy these things too. Is there anything better than a grilled cheese sandwich? Made with brie?

Anyway, the point is, the trip was fun and it's a tradition I hope will continue as Penny gets older and better at swimming. Huzzah!


Ironic collector said...

Everything's better with brie. And your baby cockatoo is adorable!

Wendy said...

I'm not saying that she doesn't have a milk sensitivity...but Daniel does the same thing, and it seems to be related more to eating than what's on his plate.

The first time he had real food at daycare, he broke out in a mild rash around his mouth. At first, we thought milk because he was on a hypoallergenic formula for 10 months. We thought, maybe we started him on milk too early. But, we gave it a few days, and no. He's drink 8 oz bottles of milk with no reaction. There's nothing consistent about when he gets them.

Once, it happened with a tomato sauce...we thought it might be the spices. Then it happened with mac-n-cheese...we thought it might have been the preservatives, (and the fact that he violently rubbed it into his left eye and across his face.) Today, it happened with corn flakes...but we're pretty sure that was because they're kind of abrasive, (again, he rubbed his face.)

The rash goes away completely within an hour. Looks like an allergy, but in his case, we think its just a skin reaction to the process of messing eating.

Lo said...

Maybe she reacted a little to the amount of sulphur in the water. I grew up around Lava and we went there all the time. Mom said I had a minor allergy and had to outgrow it. Maybe she does, too.

Momcat said...

We've always meant to go to Lava Hot Springs, but we never seem to think of it at a time when it's remotely feasible.

Now you've reawakened the urge.

......AND everything really is better with brie. I think it runs in the family. Melted on toast with fruit jam. OH MY!

sharnee said...

Fingers crossed that Penny doesn't have an allergy to dairy! Oh there's too many dairy related goodness that it would be sad to miss out on that ultra yummy stuff (I would seriously cry if I had an allergy to anything except birds and tomatoes - I hate both!)

I laughed about the baby cockatoo line! So cute!!!!