Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Our trek to Opa's for Thanksgiving proved to be surprisingly smooth, leading us to conclude what we already suspected: that Penny is a seasoned traveler. The roads were clear, it wasn't absolutely freezing (thanks, global warming!), and there was much sleeping and eating (my two favorite things to do on vacation). The food was fantastic, especially the Thanksgiving Feast. This was serious. I don't throw around the word "feast." There were no open spaces on the table. The salt and pepper shakers had to be wedged between our plates.

Here are some highlights!

Chillin' with Opa:

Live entertainment:

My favorite Canyon:

A doe and her mate, in the backyard:

And, the best part of the trip was when Penny rolled over! We cheered and cheered and did the Happy Dance. Then she did it 2 more times. Hooray! I guess she won't need physical therapy after all...for now.


Jen said...

Thanks for the pics -- it's great to see everyone! I love how Penny's just as fascinated by her own clothing as by the puppet show. :D

Lo said...

She is the cutest baby. Seriously. I enjoy reading about her and feeling your love for her overflow.