Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Torture Continues

This is why I need to invest in a real video camera:

Penny: Mom, why do we have to practice tummy time?
Me: You’ll thank me when you can raise your head 45 degrees like the BOOK says.
Penny: Can’t I just stay your little baby and have you carry me around forever?
Me: Well….ok.

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Jackson, Sheree, & Jason said...

Poor Penny.
FYI, Jackson did push ups in the womb, and was born able to lift his head up, but it was still torture time. It will stay that way until she can sit.

I see you're packing the freezer. For yours and Penny's sake, please check some milk that's a few days old for off odors. Mine is plagued with high levels of lipase and must be scalded to prevent it from becoming disgusting. In the small sample size of a dozen pumping women I know, atleast 1/4 of us have the supposedly "rare" affliction. I'll refer you to my post (check it even if you're not a sufferer, its really funny.) ActionJackson: Milk, soap, and cheese.