Tuesday, August 12, 2008

G is for "good idea," in theory.

(This photo is not intended to be an advertisement for
the g diaper, the Boppy, or Eric Carle...but we really like all 3.)

So we've changed enough diapers now to have developed preferences about which ones work and which should never have been bought. The hippie-generic-chlorine-free diapers from Whole Foods are insanely large, and do not contain shitestorms because they are too loose around Penny's legs. We are liking the Pampers Swaddlers because they rarely cause a blowout, and they are nice and soft and smell like botanical gardens. But, we also know that they are EVIL. I cringe whenever I empty the diaper pail because I know that these diapers will not decompose for hundreds of years.

Britt's mom used cloth diapers when he was a baby. Most of the world uses cloth diapers, if they use diapers at all. I have been fantasizing about cloth diapers, but honestly, I have issues with touching and handling poo. This is becoming less of an issue. Once you have someone else's poo running down your leg as a result of a blowout, you kind of have to get over it.

Our friend Brandon asked if I had heard of "g diapers," and when Penny was 9 weeks old, I decided to order a starter pack so we could test them out. The little pants are very adorable and they fit well. They come with snap in liners, which are washable. The flushable inserts are made out of "fluffed wood pulp" which isn't a far cry from toilet paper. The kit also comes with a little stick that you use in the toilet to swish the flushable insert around so it breaks up. This was kind of fun.
And it started disintegrating right away in the bowl. The insert falls in, give it a swish, and flush! Whee!

Sadly, the flushable inserts only lasted 2 days. Two! So here we are, with 2 adorable little pants and the snap in liners and no more flushable liners. Poo.

So now I am in a quandry. Do I order a case of the liners, knowing that they cost $52+ shipping? Will a case even get us through a month? Will my concern for the planet win out over my shrinking wallet? This is how they get you! *shakes fist*

Meanwhile, our friend Sheree has become a cloth diapering champion, and she recently shared some tips with me about her technique. The gDiaper experience has opened my eyes to the possibilities of non-disposable options, so I am planning to try a couple of different things, including the cloth diaper+pant that Sheree sent me. The problem is, I'm inherently lazy. Oh, and busy too. Laundry gets started and doesn't get finished....several times a day.

These are lame excuses, I know. There's nothing like emptying the diaper pail to kick my butt into gear.


sarah said...

i keep meaning to say something about this...but anyway, we use fuzzibunz about half time, paper the rest. the fuzzibunz are great. the paper is convenient. this is a good compromise for us.

just so you know...all cloth diapering things get much easier, so much easier, once your kid is down to one-two predictable, solid poos a day. so don't beat yourself up for now...if you're committed, you'll get there!

Anonymous said...

As for the disposable options, we liked the Costco brand. They don't disintegrate any sooner, they just cost less for the quality. The poop does get more solid and less frequent, but the real disadvantage with the cloth diapers is the leakage, She's not going to stop peeing anytime soon; you also have to carry them around with you if you have to change her when you're out of the house. Maybe you should bite the expensive bullet and go for an easy combination: Cloth for home-time and especially nighttime--only a few diapers to wash per day, G Diapers for going out, and disposable for emergency/carry with you supply. Carl

Jason Graham-Nye said...

Thanks so much for using gDiapers. My name is Jason Graham-Nye and I am the CEo and co-founder (with wife Kim). we really appreciate it!



Jackson, Sheree, & Jason said...

I'd say that above post is how they get you. Personal thank you's from the CEo? What a company!

But I'm still rooting for cloth. Try it. Your test run could even cost less than the case of gdipes.

Ginger, Allen, Fern, and Horace the cat said...

Get yourself some fuzzi bunz and bum genius and you will never go back to disposables!!!!

Anabel said...

I used Pampers, because that was all that was available in the dark ages. My mom thought only cloth diapers were soft and fluffy and cuddly they way diapers should be. I tried them. I felt SOOOO motherly. They WERE soft and fluffy and cuddly. Then the object of my adoration peed right thru them and all over me and the floor--Mom didn't believe in plastic pants either. Result-Lots more laundry. You can't win. Go with what makes life easier. Save the planet another day.--Anabel

Amber said...

I look hope to hear more about your diaper adventures. You are making it so much easier for me. The woman I nannied for in SLC had a diaper service. Cloth diapers delivered to your house and picked up and washed and when the boys grew all she had to do was call and they would bring a new batch of diapers. I've been hearing alot about bum genius. I might buy a few and try them. Thanks for your insight.