Monday, July 28, 2008

Adventures in WY

You're right, Penny. Cupcakes DO rule.

The 4th of July marked Penny's first trip to Wyoming. We made two important discoveries on this trip: 1) Penny is an excellent little traveler. 2) I can pump while I ride in the car! This age of tinted windows and battery operated breast pumps is truly an amazing one. I was worried that large semi-trucks would get a bit of a frightening show as we passed them, but no one honked at us or anything.

Our adventures in WY consisted of visiting Opa, going fossil hunting in the badlands, watching fireworks on the 4th, and having what I called "breastfeeding bootcamp," where Penny and I worked on our technique. (And thanks to Opa's satellite TV, we were able to get caught up on this season of "Shear Genius.")

Until she grows more hair, this is pretty much all we
can do with it. Penny, you're so PUNK!

The aptly named "badlands."

Opa also took us on some scenic drives so we could try out some new places to eat, including Dutchie's at the Greybull KOA, and Trapper Creek in Shell. They were most excellent.

I love going back to my homeland. To tell the truth, I took Wyoming for granted while I was growing up, so whenever we visit, I am awed by its beautiful desolation, its magnificent skies, its no-nonsense attitude. As Penny grows up, I hope she will see visits to Opa's as opportunities for adventure in the land her mother adores.

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Ashley said...

I'm sure she will. We did!