Friday, November 12, 2010

30 Months Old

Dear Penny,

Wow, we have a crazy schedule right now. I'm doing some different things at work and I feel like I spend most of my time in the car, just driving around the valley. You started a Toddler Group in September, and it's been a lot of fun to go to "school" with you. Sometimes you don't want to sit in your seat, and sometimes you'd rather lie on your belly on the floor. Sometimes we have to go in the hall to have a "conversation" until you're ready to participate in circle time (but don't feel bad, you're not the only kid who doesn't want to sit). But mostly, you have a blast. You like singing all the songs and making art projects, and you REALLY love snack time. I think the other moms must wonder if I feed you breakfast, because you usually want seconds or thirds. You are learning to share toys with the other kids, and to take turns, and maybe by the end of the year, you'll be able to walk in the door without saying "Noooooo!" when the teacher says Hi to you or asks you a direct question.

You also like to come home and play school. You get out your little stool and sing the "hello song" to your dollies, one at at time. Maybe you will be a teacher when you're all grown up. It sort of runs in the family, you know. When you're not at dance or at school, you are usually at Grandma's house. When I picked you up today, you told me you didn't want to go home and that you wanted to stay with Grandma. You have no idea how much it thrills her to hear you say that. You keep Grandma plenty busy and she likes that.

I stopped counting the words in your sentences once you reached 8+ word phrases. I can have whole conversations with you, and tonight at dinner you asked your Aunt Emily what she did today. I love to hear you talk and pronounce new words and it always surprises (and worries) me how much you understand.

I bought plane tickets for us to go to Denver next month, just you and me. I debated whether or not to take you, and I could have nabbed the opportunity to have a trip by myself. But you're my best pal and I can't bear to be away from you for 3 whole nights. So we're going to have a girls' trip, just you and I. It's either going to be loads of fun, and/or I'm completely insane to take you by myself without Daddy's help. But I'm looking forward to our little adventure.

Penny, I'm sorry if it seems like I'm tired and stressed and busy. I am all of those things. It makes me simultaneously laugh and grimace when you pretend to take a shower and say to me, "You play by yourself, ok? I taking a shower." Or, "Goodbye, I going to work! I miss you!" But I relish my days off with you and my favorite thing to do is cuddle you and kiss your warm, sleepy face when we get up in the morning. Daddy has already started working longer hours now that the holidays are approaching and I know he'd rather be home playing with you.

You are two and a half! I'm a little shocked by this. But you will always be my baby, ok?



Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Tears in my eyes.


Ginger said...

Happy 30th month sweet girl. I always love to read your posts...:)

Ashley said...

Hello, Ephanent... :D