Sunday, September 5, 2010


Remember how satisfying it is to jump? Sometimes I forget. A couple of weeks ago, Penny and I went to visit a friend for a mini-play date, and Penny was introduced to the world of the trampoline. She got to experience the thrill of getting extra air, and those split seconds of free-fall. You know that extra bounce you get when someone comes and jumps right next to you? Penny thought that was hilarious.

This weekend, we went to the Annual Labor Day Celebration hosted by Britt's Union, and although we didn't win that elusive flatscreen TV, there were lots of fun things to do, including a whole bunch of bounce houses. Penny and her cousin bounced most of the morning, undeterred by the older kids who kept coming in and then back out again. Some of the other bouncy contraptions had inflated mazes and slides, which looked like they might devour small unsuspecting toddlers. So we stuck with the basic one, and although Penny asked me to go in with her, I just didn't think that would be prudent. There was a point when she finally had to be extricated from the plastic jaws of the thing.

And then I was stuck on this for the rest of the day:

If you like oddball British Comedy, you should get acquainted with the insanity of The Mighty Boosh. Penny's not old enough to watch it, naturally.

Happy Labor Day!

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