Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2010

This Easter brought intermittent snow showers that threatened to ruin any possibility of an enjoyable egg hunt, plus Penny came down with croup. She's never had croup before, and she's been coughing and hacking like an old man for a week. I didn't know such a small person could produce so much phlegm.

By Sunday morning, snow was covering the ground, so we passed the time with some indoor egg hunts while the snow melted, and I put Penny in a bright outfit, to encourage the arrival of some SPRING around here.

This year, I tried to be a little healthier with the Easter treats. Penny's basket contained some Annie's organic fruit snacks (which are bunny-shaped), raisins, a Hello Kitty tin purse (with pennies inside for the fountain at the library), a purple Slinky, and a plush bunny. Some of the eggs we hid contained jelly beans, but we tried not to overdo it. You should see this kid on a sugar rush. My friend Suzi sent me a link for a yummy-looking rice crispy treat recipe, which I will have to try next year.

By mid-morning, the snow was mostly gone, so we put on our sweaters and boots and headed outside.

As Penny's basket became laden with eggs, she started to drag it along, and wouldn't let anyone help her carry it, for fear of losing her colorful bounty. "No, MY eggs."

Later, we feasted on egg salad sandwiches, which were nearly as colorful as Penny's basket. Britt got creative and added Dijon mustard and kalamata olives to the mix. Tasty!

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