Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Pet Store

We had some time to kill the other day, so I thought I'd take Penny to the pet store across the street from the grocery store. As we were walking, I thought, "This could be a gigantic mistake, one I might live to regret."

The first thing we saw (and smelled) when we walked in the door, were two ferrets, running around their enclosure. Penny did a little happy dance and watched every animal with rapt attention. She was fascinated by the animals and is still talking about them, especially the "Nake," or snake.
It's hard to hear her hissing and saying "Nake" over the microphone noise on the camera, which is what she's doing when she scrunches up her face and shows her front teeth:

(She's not picking her nose there at the end, that's just her sign for "bird.")

There weren't any dogs or cats at the store, except for the ones getting groomed. Otherwise, the store had miscellaneous animals for sale - rats, mice, snakes, fish, turtles, parakeets, frogs, scorpions, and other "pets" I would never consider having in the house, and one bunny. When we left, the ferrets were sleeping on top of each other in a furry pile. I wonder if future trips to the store will result in visits to the animals across the street.

In case you were wondering, we didn't buy anything, because we have enough creatures to care for at the moment. But I'm amazed by her language, and her grasp of the present tense. I suspect that soon Penny will start asking questions about how the world works, and I really hope I have the answers.


Alisha said...

Wow, she's like, the Professor of Toddlers. I think she described a trip to the pet store as well as I could.

Sheree said...

Love it. Pet stores are good entertainment. Ps. Bearded dragons are the best pets ever! s