Thursday, October 1, 2009


Whenever I feel like complaining about the 7 hour drive we make on a regular basis to Wyoming with our baby, I think of my friend Alisha, who flew from Guam with her baby to visit her family and friends here in the states. She traveled 30 hours ONE WAY with her 10 month old. I have flown once with Penny, it was an hour and a half, and it was the longest flight of my life. I don't know how Alisha did it, but she did, and she was even coherent despite the layovers and time changes and ALL OF THAT FLYING.

Penny liked Xavier quite a bit, and who can blame her? He's really cute and a seasoned traveler already.

Our trip to Wyoming was fine - during the mere 7 hour drive, I honed my skills of entertaining Penny while Britt drove, and Penny did well, although whenever we stopped, she didn't especially want to get back in her seat. We got to see Opa and Grandma Shirley, bathe Penny in their magnificent jetted tub, watch some of the TV shows we never get to watch after she went to bed (I love vacation!), and went on a little outdoor adventure in the badlands for some fossil hunting.

One of the various wind farms along I-80, harnessing Wyoming's most abundant resource.

Britt got to partake in his favorite activity, fly-fishing. Penny and I went up to the fish hatchery, while Britt took to the creek. The hatchery has changed a lot since I was a kid, but you can still feed some of the big rainbow trout, and Penny got a kick out of that.

On the trip home, the travel-sized MagnaDoodle from Opa and Shirley was a godsend. Penny discovered that scribbling and erasing is fun, and I was even able to do some reading on the drive home. Huzzah!

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Alisha said...

The flight to the U.S. wasn't too bad because Xavier was sick and slept the whole way. For the flight back, a flight attendant was nice enough to find us a whole row to ourselves, so Xavier just played or napped the whole time and had free range of the front of the plane. I think he'd really hate a seven hour drive because he'd have to be strapped into a car seat the whole time. Have you seen one of these?
We stole one from Fern for a bit and now when I drive to a whole other village (a rarity!!) Xavier contents himself with flipping pages in his car seat.