Monday, September 14, 2009

Back in Action

We're back from our latest series of adventures. A future post will provide more detail about the last few days (when I have the energy to write something), but for now, I have compiled a list of Penny's current likes and dislikes:

Yo Gabba, Gabba! I knew this existed, but I resisted it, until now. It helps that we don't have cable or satellite at my house, but my dad has a zillion channels at his. Needless to say, we were both transfixed by this:

Personally, I think this is pretty awesome. It is far less offensive to me than Barney. Plus, Penny has learned not to bite friends, as a result of one of the songs on the show. Eureka! That will probably come in handy.

Ok, back to the list of likes:
Trying to grab her eyelashes until her eyes tear up from poking at them.
Travel-sized magnet-doodle pad thingy.
Her "Monkey Tumbles" book. (Both this and the magnet thingy saved us on the 7 hour car ride to see my dad, see below).
Her new friend Xavier, from Guam!
Swinging on the swings, ad infinitum.
Singing "I'm a little teapot," with actions (repeated x100).
Fish, as in, watching fish.
Forcing the cat to do her bidding (like sitting on a particular blankie, which involves attempting to PICK UP said annoyed cat).

Any of the rides at Lagoon, including the carousel.
7 hour car rides
Going to Bed
Family members asking for kisses.
Sitting in the baby backpack for too long in the badlands.

More to come.


Sheree, J, + j said...

Also big fans of the magna doodle.

Amber said...

I had not heard of the show, but we were introduced while visiting family in Montana. Jack Black was on :)

Momcat said...

Since I am mostly exclusively a sports junkie with no in home kids, I had somehow let Yo Gabba Gabba escape my conscious. I find it rather appallingly like"Telatubbies meets the Electric Company." Run and hide!