Thursday, June 25, 2009

10 Years Ago

June 21st, 2009

Dear Penny,
10 years ago, your dad and I got married. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we went out on the first date we’ve had alone since you were born. Your Auntie Annie came to stay at the house while you slept, and we went out to one of our favorite “fancy” restaurants, The Paris. We had been saving a bottle of wine that was given to us as a wedding present, and we decided it was time to open it.

Not too shabby.

Over dinner, we talked about the last decade, and what we want to do with the next one. Your dad is a bit of a dreamer, you see, and he has big plans for us. We took our time, savored every bite, and enjoyed our bottle of wine. Then we had dessert. And coffee. When we got home, you were still asleep and you didn’t even know we had left. This has inspired me to go out more often with your dad and to not be afraid to ask our friends and family to babysit.

I’ve also been remembering my wedding day and how nervous and excited I was. We were very poor because we were both still in school, but we splurged on the venue, and your Grandma and Grandpa Miller let us have our reception at their house. I had one of my best friends do our photography, and I had my dress made by a seamstress in town, after I got discouraged trying on expensive wedding gowns I couldn’t afford.

My dress, made just for me.

The day before the wedding, the woman from the bakery called to say her “cake stacker” had walked out, and didn’t have a way to make our tiered wedding cake. So instead, she offered us several different smaller cakes, which we put on the tables at our reception. That way, our guests could try lots of different kinds of cake, if they wanted to. Everyone thought it was a good idea.

Note: Han and Leia caketoppers. Your parents are geeks.

In the days leading up to the wedding, we had a couple of parties, including an enchilada night, so that as people came into town, they could come over and enjoy good food and company, before the formality of the wedding. And instead of a bachelor/bachelorette party, we went bowling with our friends and family.

Your father's hair. Later that summer, he went and got all "respectable."

Your dad and I wrote our own vows, and we kept them secret from one another until the ceremony. Your dad’s Godfather officiated and we stood in front of a little waterfall and declared our love for each other. In honor of the last 10 years, I dug out our wedding album, so I could read our vows, because I don’t remember exactly what we said, because I was sort of busy crying while your dad was talking. Mostly I remember being so happy and everything else was a blur. Sometime, when you want to feel all mushy, you can read them too. I’m so glad we kept them, even though my copy is all smudged from crying.

It has been fun to reminisce and look at photos from 10 years ago, before we had digital cameras and could upload pictures to the computer. And I love your dad more and more, because we've been through so much together during this short decade. Even though our relationship has changed since our twosome became a threesome, we can’t imagine anything better than being together.

I love you. You are the tangible, hug-able result of our love for each other. You can wear my wedding dress someday, if you want to. You will always be my baby.



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Ironic collector said...

Congrats on the big 1-0! Brandon and I just celebrated the big 0-6. I like it that most of my friends have the same anniversary - it's easier to remember. I have an acquaintance here who just got married on June 20th. Which mystifies me - why not push it back one day? The 21st is a superior day to get married. I think you should scan in your wedding invite - that was one my favorite invitations of all time (it was for JW, but you know what I mean).
Ten more years! Ten more years!

jen said...

"Not too shabby!" That is SUCH a MOM thing to say! ;)

Momcat said...

Hey there, Lovely Couple,
Somehow, I had missed your anniversary blog entry until this morning.
It was so much fun.
Even though we had a stodgy old fashioned church wedding with the liturgy written in stone centuries before, I think ALL weddings are perfectly marvelous! There is definitely a certain comfort in all that tradition and precedent, and I DID wear my mother's wedding dress- something I had always wanted to do.

Our own children's weddings were quite different from each other, but they were all so personal and perfectly right just for them.

I'd adore to babysit sometime for your little bundle of hugs. And once again...