Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's Her Party, and She'll Cry if She Wants To.

When I was little, I counted down the days to my birthday. I made cake requests and my mother would oblige with a homemade cake constructed to my specifications. One standout party in particular was my "Anne of Green Gables" party, complete with virgin raspberry cordial. Needless to say, I get into birthdays. And through it all, my mom seemed so patient, so accommodating. How did she do it?

I wanted to do something fun for Penny, but then I remembered, I have no idea what I'm doing. How do you throw a party for a one year old? Let's see, babies like bubbles, right? And balls? And other babies? I also wanted to keep things simple, for my sanity more than anyone else's, so we invited family and some of Penny's little baby friends to come and hang out in our backyard for the afternoon.

We had FUN. And there was only a mild allergic reaction to something....I wanted the gratuitous "smash up the cake and make a big mess" photo op, but Penny's face broke out, most likely because of a strawberry that came into contact with cheese. Her face became crimson, she got really irritable, and HAD TO BE HELD. So I held her while she poked suspiciously at her cupcake.

I was also worried she would have a major meltdown after being outside in the sun, but she held it together pretty well. The bounty of presents helped.

Whew! One birthday under my belt. I'm not sure what I will do when Penny requests a Unicorn cake.


jen said...

What does your shirt say?

And get to bed, dammit!

(Cousin) Jen said...

Anne of Green Gables party? Wow, I'm jealous in retrospect.

Momcat said...

We had a "preppy party" once. H was about 10 or 12, and the preferred clothes -referred to as "prepy" -were by Izod and other ridiculous brands in colors of bright pink and green. Thank goodness for outlet stores!
The requested cake had pink icing with a green frosting (freehand) alligator on the top. A simple request, but it was a huge success.

Jenn said...

You will do this and add a horn made from a sugar cone, silly girl.