Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shopping, Yeah!

The last time we went to play at Penny's cousin's house, all Penny wanted to do was play with her cousin's shopping cart. I was planning to buy one for Penny's birthday, but I decided I couldn't wait a whole month. She's really into taking things out of things, so playing with the cart is ALL SHE WANTS TO DO. I'm like, "Hey, Penny, want to do a puzzle?" And if I try to move her, she throws a fit.

She also tries to walk with the cart, which is highly unstable, so I can't leave her unsupervised.
"Hey, Penny, can I go pee?" (Throws fit!) The recommended age is actually 2 years, so I guess it's my own fault if she gets hurt playing "Crazy Shopping Spree."

Hey! Doesn't it sound like she's saying "Yeah!" in the right context? I think that might be Word Number Two.


jen said...

Can you weigh down the cart in some way so it's more stable?

Be Like the Squirrel, Girl said...

I do have a couple of books sitting in the very bottom by the wheels. Actually, they are two of THE BOOKS. But I might need to find something heavier, like some Encyclopedia Britannicas.

Sheree, J, + j said...

That's going to be a weird picnic. Lettuce, Bok Choy, Mustard, and maple syrup. Yumm.