Monday, October 13, 2008

Penny's so long at the Fair.

September was a great month. Of course, it flew by and now it is suddenly October and it snowed today and I'm worrying about Halloween costumes. But, one of the fun things we did last month was take Penny to the fair with her Aunt Meg and Uncle Paddy. And there were FUNNEL CAKES.

Penny seemed to like the "Fancy" Poultry:

This one was bigger than our cat:

Penny at the Midway, after mommy discreetly fed her on a HAY BALE:

There was a point, while I was sitting on the hay bale outside of the DAIRY building, nursing Penny under the unfortunately-named-but-incredibly-useful hooter hider, where I realized that I was oddly comfortable, watching the people walk by, listening to the carnie trying to tempt passers-by into the tent with the "biggest alligator you have EVER seen." Or maybe I just had a sugar high from the funnel cakes.

The giant slide was pretty cool too:

Go daddy, go!


sheree said...

What fun. Also, props on the discretion. I never quite managed discretion, but then I didn't benefit from a hooter-hider.

You should seriously consider getting some chickens. I hear your new mayor has legalized them.

Ashley said...

OMG I have always loved that big yellow slide!!!