Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Opa Comes to Visit

Penny's first "coo" was elicited by this fine ladybug toy.

Her little voice is very cute and we can't wait to hear more of it!

When Penny was almost 4 weeks old, her Opa Tonkovich came to visit. They had a fabulous time together, and in spite of the feeding tube and all of that business, we were able to get out of the house and eat at some of our favorite places here in SLC. I had to overcome my fear of leaving the house, which was easy to do once I realized that as long as Penny was full, she was very easy going and slept while we enjoyed ourselves, instead of making a huge fussy scene in public. Eureka!

My dad also convinced me to take her with us to a matinee....
Her first movie was Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, which, unfortunately, was not that great. And it was LOUD. I felt guilty about subjecting her to the noise levels present in your average action flick...but she slept through most of it and wasn't nearly as bothered as I was by the horrible dialogue (*shakes fist* LUCAS!).

Penny enjoyed hearing Opa review the vowel sounds with her because Opa has a very deep voice ("And sometimes Y!"). She also liked his renditions of "Here comes the Sun" and (of course) "Penny Lane." Looks like we have a budding Beatles fan on our hands.

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