Saturday, June 7, 2008

Out There

I realize that by starting a blog about our adventures in babydom means that we are officially "out there." We're out there in the blogosphere. It's intimidating. Are we up to it? Can I commit to this project? Is it going to be clap-trap? Do people care enough to read about this clap-trap? I'm hoping it means that ultimately I will be better about documenting our experiences in a modern journaling sort of way. My mom kept a date book in the 80s and scribbled notes about things that happened to her girls on a particular day, so maybe this is the current version of the same idea. And....MAYBE....Britt can do some writing too. Maybe.


CRM said...

My family has blog and it is fun to see everybody's pictures and keep up on events. We look forward to reading all about pretty little Penny. Carl

Emily said...